Which soup to prefer when you are sick?

When we are sick, certain recipes can help us get better. Among them are soups and broths, which, depending on the ingredients, help us alleviate all the ailments that afflict us. Explanations.

Good soup and starting to hit again. When we are sick, our immune system is at its worst and our body is exposed to all external aggressions. With a little luck, we manage to get sick. Flu, nausea, cold or constipation, we take different medicines and/or treatments try to heal as soon as possible. If they act quickly and are effective in our recovery, we must not neglect our diet.

because yes food and health are connected ! And depending on possible ailments, there may be certain preparations play a key role to help our immune system get back on its feet. Above all, we think of soups and broths, which, in addition to warming us, help us feel better. But do you know which ingredients are best for your soup based on your symptoms? Let’s focus on that the beneficial effect of soups and broths in case of illness.

What happens after this announcement?

If you have a headache

For migraines or headaches, soup is preferred Moroccan lentil soup with spices, especially turmeric and cinnamon. According to American doctor and nutritionist Cynthia Sass, this recipe is ideal for relieving headache symptoms. “This meal doesn’t contain potential headache triggers like dairy, deli meats, nuts and chocolate. It also doesn’t require chewing, which can make headaches worse.he tells the site Healthy. This lentil soup provides a good dose of protein and magnesium. In addition, the spices of turmeric and cinnamon play a role anti-inflammatory role. An ideal combination to “relax” blood vessels and relieve headaches.

If you have sinus pain

If the sinuses, those cavities around the nose, are blocked due to severe cold, it is necessary spicy soup. Chicken soup with spices or vegetable broth with chili, your preparation must be spicy. According to a study published in the medical journal Current Allergy and Asthma Reports, hot pepper molecule called capsaicin, helps eliminate inflammation sinuses.

What happens after this announcement?

If you have a sore throat

If your throat hurts, there is nothing better than a good broth in addition to hot tea with honey. But be careful, not just any. It is necessary to choose vegetable or chicken broth adding aromatic herbs, vegetables and garlic. Also, according to the analysis of American nutritionist Cynthia Sass, this hot broth helps clear the blockage from the throat. “Garlic is anti-inflammatory and boosts the immune system, vegetables provide nutrients for healing, and honey helps soothe a sore throat.”.

If you feel nauseous

If the nausea doesn’t leave us, it’s hard to find something to eat. If bananas, rice, compote or even ginger tea are the ideal meal, you can also choose soup. For this, bet easily digestible vegetable soup. In particular, we think of soft vegetables such as carrots, green beans or potatoes. Also prefer homemade soups and not broths or those sold in sachets in supermarkets. The reason? Your digestive system, which is already in poor condition, does not appreciate the additives and preservatives contained in industrial preparations. It would be a shame to further emphasize the already existing evil.

When we are constipated

For constipation, nothing better than soup or vegetable broth. The plenty of water and fiber Using these preparations relieves constipation, which can really ruin your days. When it comes to choosing vegetables, we tend to lean towards carrots, potatoes, artichokes, cabbage, parsnips, leeks, zucchini or even split peas. We can too add vegetables with oats. Full of fiber to make you feel better.

If you have diarrhea

In case of diarrhea, the first reflex is drink water. The reason? It is necessary rehydrate. Broths and soups are therefore our best allies. We prefer soups or chicken broths with noodles or other pastas to give our soups or broths a little more consistency. You can also go to homemade vegetable soups like carrot soups. But be careful, this carrot soup must be made without milk. As the diarrhea episode settles down, we can add fish, rice or even lean meat to our soups and other broth recipes.

Now you are armed to cope with winter diseases and take care of yourself with the kitchen!

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