three pumpkins and four recipe ideas for a meal

Virginie Brocard and Florent Conil’s Joyeus farm is in full swing this fall. Established two years ago in Mansampuys Gers, the farmers are happy to offer a little more happiness with both organic vegetables and seasonal recipes, in particular to prepare three varieties of squash.

Virginie reminds us to remember to put them in a cool place in the shade to keep them well. Picked pumpkins – no matter the variety – do not like sun or heat. Better put them in the basement if you can or even in your fridge.

Pumpkins also for an aperitif

Together with his companion, he is happy that there is a good harvest despite the summer droughts. These three types of squash can be played on plates. And even before that, in small ramekins for an aperitif.

Indeed, it is enough to take the seeds out of the pumpkin, wash them properly, and dry them. After salting, the seeds are placed in an oven at 160 degrees for 15-20 minutes. You can even add some spices (paprika, curry …).

Soup, gratin and cake with squash

His red turbansquash can be used entirely as a starter. The pulp then becomes a delicious soup. The cream complements this dish beautifully with its sweet hazelnut flavor. For the rest, Virginie recommends turning your butternut into a gratin dish. Simply cut them lengthwise and hollow out (reserving what is removed for another meal). Into the hole thus formed and after baking in the oven for 45 minutes, he adds pan-cooked quinoa, garlic and curry.

For dessert, he offers an English recipe. The sweetness of pumpkin works wonders in a sweet pie. Extra thing? He adds the seeds in bites to add a crunchy side. “You don’t even need to peel the pumpkin,” he says. But its bark—like that of a red turban—can be carved as easily as a Halloween pumpkin.

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