The leeks are cooked in France Bleu Alsace

Today, France is the leading producer of leeks in Europe.

There are at least 190 species in the world. Like garlic, onions or chives, it belongs to the Liliaceae family and its bulbs are available in an infinite number of recipes: steamed, raw or cooked, in soup, pie, crumbled, gratin, flanisse, fondue, circulation or simply in a vinaigrette, there are a thousand and one ways to cook leeks.

We will cook it together this morning Nicolas Guluche manager a balancing act restaurant in Strasbourg on France Bleu Alsace

Your recipes and tips from 10 o’clock.

And try your luck The trolley challenge ! Every day at 10:50, our chef awaits your call.

The principle is simple:

  • give 4 to 5 ingredients that’s in your kitchen cupboard, fridge, pantry or vegetable garden
  • you ask him for the recipe appetizer, main course, dessert or even aperitif
  • in 2 minutesthe chef in the studio must imagine recipe based on the products offered

Once you’ve been selected on air, you’ll be entered every day to win the super gift of the month:

genuine Bron Coucke Tellier raclette grill For 4 people, power 600W


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