Schneeballe or Krumberknedle, a regional dish

Here are the regional recipes we found. Their method of preparation and ingredients are according to your indications.


➤ Give 2 kg of potatoes with firm flesh. Prepare them the day before so they get a good consistency. The next day, peel them and pass them through a vegetable grinder.

< Mix the resulting puree with four whole eggs, four spoons of flour, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

➤ Make balls by scooping the puree with slightly wet hands.

➤ Drop these “snowballs” (Schneeballe) into a large amount of boiling salted water. They will be cooked when they rise to the surface. Let them drain separately so they don’t stick together. Schneeballe will accompany the meat and fish in the sauce. They are also appreciated with fried pieces of bacon and salad.


For this recipe, you should use a mixture of raw and cooked potatoes.

➤ We count on three or four people: 500 g of grated raw potatoes (it is necessary to squeeze them well into a cloth) and 500 g of potatoes boiled the day before in uniforms and mashed.

< Mix the potato duo and add three or four whole eggs depending on their size, four tablespoons of flour, a large spoonful of parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

< Form potato fritters (krumberknedle), then roll them in flour and drop them into a large amount of boiling water.

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