Recipes for a healthy glow

The fatigue of the first months of the year and winter can sometimes be seen on our faces… Don’t worry, the good weather is finally here! But before tanning, to regain a radiant face and get rid of gray complexion, pay attention to your diet. Indeed, what you put on your plates may well make a difference in how you feel to look good. To find it, consider certain foods that must be put in the next shopping cart. Their secret? They concentrate large amounts of carotenoids – the plant pigments responsible for the red, orange and yellow colors of fruits and vegetables – at the starting point of skin pigmentation.

a big star foods that make you look good : carrots that can be found on our shelves all year round! Eaten raw or cooked, in juice or soup, carrots are easy to prepare. And as a bonus, the carotene in carrots gives the skin a beautiful tone. On the podium you can also find strawberries, avocados, peas, asparagus, tomatoes, apricots, broccoli capsules, sweet potatoes… Enough to make colorful and balanced recipes with a healthy look before summer!

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