Recipe ideas with coral lentils

The Coral lenses are a variety of lentils from the Fabaceae family. Their specialty is being colored, red or pink, and peeled for sale. Very common in the Middle East and Asia, they are a true ally for our health and can be prepared in many ways. Proof with this option coral lentils recipeswhich makes you want to put them on the menu more often!

Where do coral lenses come from?

Traces of coral lenses have been found since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. It seems that workers dedicated to building the pyramids consumed this type of lens. The Romans brought coral lentils to Western Europe. Today it is red lens (or shelled coral lentil) is the most produced lentil in the world.

Coral lenses, an asset to our health

Like green lentils, red lentils are high in plant protein and fiber. Rich in vitamin B1 and low in fat, they are ideal food during a diet. Good arguments for cook the coral lentils more often.

How to make coral lens?

Coral lentils are very easy to prepare because they do not need to be soaked beforehand. 15 minutes is enough cook red lentils, they have already been dissected. Note that it is not recommended to add salt to the cooking water, as this can stiffen the seeds.

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Our recipe ideas for making coral lentils

You don’t know what recipes to make with coral lentils ? Get inspired by the cuisine of the world! In India, coral lentils are used to make curry. They are also an ingredient in the famous dhal, which is similar to a spicy legume stew.

In France, coral lentils are very popular as a puree (breaks easily) or in soups, stews and lentil soups. They are used as an accompaniment to meat dishes, especially pork. For example, you can revisit the famous lentil flavor by replacing the green lentils with coral lentils, which will add some color to this iconic dish of French cuisine. Finally, it is possible to combine them with white rice for a protein-rich dish.

Because these lentils are shelled, they digest faster than brown lentils.

How to store coral lens?

Prefer to store red lenses in a cool but dry place away from direct sunlight. They are kept for a maximum of one year.

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