Lentils are cooked in France Bleu Alsace

Green lentils from Le Puy, coral lentils, pink lentils… Cooked in soup or salad, they also go well with fish or meat.

Lentils are one of the first legumes that were cultivated in Central Asia 9,000 years ago. Pharaohs enjoyed it, Babylonians grew it in their hanging gardens, the Bible quotes it. Next? He won Europe and India. It has become a staple in these two territories. It is still refused in many recipes in India.

And France? Well, ask yourself when was the last time you ate lentils (a can of lentils and sausage doesn’t count!).

As for the French, they certainly don’t do anything like others. They prefer green lentils, while the rest of the world consumes mainly blond or coral. The most famous is the Puy green lentil, which has had a PDO (controlled designation of origin) since 1935.

We cook lentils with regional chef Floriane Sitz Restaurant Cocoon Bleu Alsace in Strasbourg, France

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Alsace hospitality
Alsace hospitality


Because these small, round grains, much richer in iron than Popeye’s spinach, “adapt to all diets,” lentils have been grown in Alsace since 2016. Pflieger Farm Jérémy has joined the family farm in Specbach le Basis in Haut-Rhin, at 10:30 he will present us their organic lentil farming.

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