In the jungle of cooking blogs

We ventured into the jungle of cooking blogs and just did a casting call among all those blogs that are professional, semi-professional or amateur, but all of them are passionate about cooking. We have included two blogs specifically for diabetics, as pre-diabetes (insulin resistance) and diabetes are common co-morbidities in people with HIV and these blogs can provide ideas for limiting refined sugar intake for those who want to reduce it. .

Chef Nicolas in my kitchen

Nicolas is quite a flexible cook (a diet that is vegetarian on a daily basis, but allows for meat from time to time). Her cuisine follows the seasons and she loves to travel the world. “I have always prepared increasingly complex dishes, first following recipes, then inventing my own, which I share…”. Nicolas likes to turn meat dishes into meat-free dishes, such as vegetarian lamb cake with lentils, vegetable Caesar salad, etc. Nicolas is a teacher, lives in Barcelona and gives each recipe a little slice of life or reflections on the seasons. There are lots of “healthy” vegetarian recipes (quinoa, lentils, mushrooms, squash…), very beautiful photos that will make you travel furiously, lots of eggplant-based recipes, and an admitted passion for cauliflower… one of her recent recipes I made: Cauliflower Tartiflette, this was famous! Examples: white bean hummus, roasted pumpkin, mushroom lasagna, sea bream rillette, pea risotto, carrot-chickpea tagine, but not limited to (beef salad like in Thailand, sweet potato stuffed with chicken), cookies with pecans and dark chocolate, gluten-free orange cake…

From you to me…

Dominique, a food writer, stylist and photographer, has a very personalized, very visual and very well “spoken” blog. You will find European and international recipes with very beautiful photo reports of the places, as well as great authentic or revisited French classics. All this creates a pleasant holiday mood, complemented by kitchen creations inspired by these trips or childhood memories. Classified by country or inspiration, the numerous recipes are superbly photographed and easy to follow; some are very original and exotic. Examples: Mauritian rougaille sausage (great travel photos), crispy Balinese duck, tiropitas (Greek puff pastry with cheese) with breathtaking photos from Greece, grilled pollock steak, cherry tomatoes and fried bacon bits, vanilla chicken and lemon cucumbers, turnip, thyme and honey tarte tatin, Essaouira tagine (with fish), rabbit with father’s mustard, chocolate banana cake, Catalan cream, etc. This beautiful stress-relieving blog (virtual travel guaranteed) also features great travel plans and restaurant reviews from France and beyond.

Dorian’s kitchen

Dorian presents himself as a dad-at-home blogger with five and three-quarters of mouths to feed every day. His blog is atypical and likeable, his cooking is quite confusing (dixit Dorian); She has written several very tempting cookbooks… Her blog has many recipes invented or revisited, with each recipe accompanied by a small note about how it was created, memories from childhood, adolescence, travels, etc. The story is often very funny and well told. And often ends with her catchphrase, “But why am I telling you this…” She often cites other really great cooking blogs or cookbooks, picking up one of their recipes, always saying “How?” “Or” What, why. Dorian creates a good dose of humor during his little “slices of life” or semi-existential questions and close-ups. He cites an impressive list of his “favorite” culinary blogs. His recipes? All with funny names! French, original pizzas (a mountain of pizza under the cheese), fish, meat (a little soup like a cold morning in Beijing), Indian recipes (lamb ribs with all the spices), Japanese (salmon flavored like the rising sun) and English (kedgeree), Irish (Irish coddle in in a pot) etc.

A gesture of mercy

Samuel says it himself, he is addicted to good food, photographer and food stylist. His presentation from his Canadian site ends with the words: “If I were you, I would immediately unfasten my seat belt”. Videos with a Canadian accent are very nice, in general it is not easy, but incidentally the photos are great, the atmosphere of beer and bbq (barbecue), also the accent is anti-depressant. Comments at the top or end of recipes are funny. Some products have strange names for us, but they are irresistible (chip ears, cheese in the stool, etc.). I’m totally in love with this site, it gets me in the mood to browse it and watch some of the videos. I made garlic ginger soup (cold killer), very good… Samuel’s gang has already produced two books, plus e-books. Examples: Creamy Chicken, Rice and Artichoke Heart Soup, Legendary Beef Tacos, Grilled Turkey with Dry Maple Marinade (which will literally make you question your life), Decadent Lumberjack Casserole, Pan Fried Cod with Butter and Lemon Sauce, Welch Beer, Legendary Baileys Tiramisu .


This amazing Canadian site (in French or English) with the funny logo “I’m falling for you my coco” is dedicated only to eggs, a thousand and one egg-based recipes. Recipes are categorized by genre, dinner (equivalent to our midday lunch) or dinner, methods or international inspirations, with a section on healthy recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by its numerical nutritional value. The recipes with a rather humorous tone are clear, simple, attractive, sometimes unexpected, some even a little more festive, with amazing photos; The “eggs 101” section contains mini-articles and videos: “How to do it? » learn how to make a professional poached egg, a perfect soft-boiled egg, etc. . In short, everything to get egg-pert! The article “All about the egg” has a lot of information about the anatomy of the egg. The “nutrition” section is well detailed and the recipes are very tempting. Examples: quick eggs benedict, chakchouka, a bowl of healthy ramen noodles (a complete balanced meal), Korean bibimbap, vegetable frittata, egg pizzas from elsewhere (Georgian khachapuri), egg sandwiches, etc.

A needle in the soup

Lou’s blog immediately promises cuisine that often makes you travel from one continent to another. And that’s it. It contains a variety of recipes, from simple to more complex, often original, classified by inspiring countries (Asian, Brittany, Creole, Indian, Irish, Oriental) or categories (appetizers, appetizers, main courses, desserts). Some are borrowed from other blogs or great chefs and revisited often. The progress of the recipe is photographed step by step; the procedure is very well explained. In the dessert category, there are very original cakes (lentil and hazelnut cake, crunchy buckwheat cake, Moroccan cake from a great chef, Japanese cakes, etc.). Many exotic or closer recipes are presented and detailed. Examples: Zucchini Scarpacia, Homemade Pizza (Dough Included), Seaweed Tartare, Réunion Vegetable Pickle, Simple Indian Chicken Curry, Lamb Tagine With Vegetables, Leek Soup and Irish Oats (Brotchan Foltchep), Super Light Chocolate Fondant (Low Glycemic Index), with photos that will make you crave…

Little gay in quinces

Sylvain is French but lives in Belgium, loves quinces, improvises recipes from everywhere, India, Brittany, Asian countries, Sweden, Georgia, Peru, Belgium of course vegetarian, grill and sweet and salty quinces… often with small talk. about the recipe, where it comes from, tricks, what book the idea came from, a refreshing and warm small talk. The photos are beautiful, as are the plates. Curiosity and unbridled inspiration are palpable and the result is highly desirable. As Sylvain says, there are some wicked recipes like chocolate peanut soy sauce cookies, black pudding meatball rougail, chicory lemon meatballs (Sylvain is the king of meatballs!) kimchicon (endive kimchi) I’m going to try, recipes here or elsewhere : eggplant flan with feta (Turkey), Swedish kålpudding (caramelized cabbage bread and minced meat), smoked tofu and celery in a wok, quince, sausage and sage pasta gratin, light Lebanese Breton king cake with sesame and raisins and many other recipes that will make you forget your gray hair!

Recipe for diabetics

Cooking enthusiast Jean-François Rousseau’s blog was created when his daughter became type 1 diabetic at the age of 8 to share his recipes and help diabetics find ideas for dishes. Moreover, these balanced recipes with less sugar, salt and bad fats are suitable for everyone, finally those who want to keep their health. He is also the author of the book “L’assiette anti-diabète” together with a dietitian nutritionist. Many of her recipes are low GI (glycemic index) and all are without refined sugar but with other sweeteners (stevia, coconut sugar, etc.). It offers a very large selection of classic recipes, some more original, carefully researched to provide balanced meals. The glycemic index of each ingredient is calculated and explained, and the total carbohydrate content of each dish is shown; the recipes are clear and accompanied by attractive photos of the dish. You can also find gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, low-carb and keto recipes. Examples: chickpea and bean falafel, steamed chicken and lentils, endive, salmon, shrimp and apple salad, Mexican salad with chicken, coconut yogurt cake without refined sugar, Neapolitan cake with reduced sugar (low GI). This site was a Ceed “favorite” of the European Diabetes Research Center in 2015.

Yvonne’s Low Car Recipes

Yvonne has type 2 diabetes and was treated with insulin. Four years ago, he discovered food low carb or without carbohydrates (no bread, no cereals, no pasta, no industrial cakes, etc.). This is the only food that allowed him to balance his diabetes. After a year, her blood tests showed that her diabetes had resolved and her doctor allowed her to stop insulin… Yvonne shares her daily menus and recipes that follow very strictly the principles of a ketogenic (high carb) diet. low carb. He explains well the principles of this diet (almost no carbohydrates, but increasing the dose of lipids) and what to replace slow carbohydrates (konjac pasta, zucchini spaghetti, bread with almonds, pizza dough with cauliflower, etc.). His blog is presented in a newspaper style: anecdotes, cultural information, as well as a daily menu with recipes and photos. The whole is exemplary research and will: you will find good ideas for a diet to adopt for pre-diabetes, type 1 or 2 diabetes Examples: cabbage stew with chicken, trout with chorizo, vegetarian menus, desserts stevia or birch sugar, flourless pancakes, almond cake, cake low carb with yogurt etc.

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