How to cook lentils?

Maybe you are used to eating lentils with small vegetables and Strasbourg sausages or in salads and even soups? But how to cook lentils successfully?

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Advantages of lenses

Here’s a trail to follow when looking for a healthy kitchen! Lentils are a dry food that is usually cooked in water. There are several types of these legumes: green lenses, blonde lenses and coral lenses. The former are ideal for sausage dishes, while the latter are better suited for dahl, and others are appreciated cold in salads. In addition, you will see that they need to cook for less time than others. One thing is for sure, they are in several recipes!

Rich in iron, they offer the joy of a meat-free and healthy diet. It is a good way to vary the pleasures and a good substitute for meat, such as white or red beans or even chickpeas. It is also recommended to combine lentils with rice to make them easier to swallow and get a protein intake most important. They also contain fibers that allow better passage and reduces the risk of colon cancer. It also contains phosphorus, calcium and magnesium and it is a very good antioxidant. The lenses also turn out excellent appetite suppressant when you feel the urge to snack often. It is recommended to eat them in the evening.

To preserve all these virtues, it is better to know how to prepare them. They are appreciated in soups, salads, as a side dish for meat or in a classic savory dish. If these recipes inspire you, follow along to learn how to become a lens expert. You’ll never go wrong baking with these colors again!

Indulge in this delicious red lentil velouté version. Recipe here. Image credit: Kiian Oksana

Soak the lentils in water

Less seeds and more small seeds! It’s all in the art and the way the legumes are prepared to preserve their flavor and their nutritional value. First, soak the lentils in three times their volume of cold water in a pot to prevent them from burning. For 1 person, we recommend 70 g portion of lentils. It is important to have enough water to cook the lentils.

Avoid adding salt, it will make the texture firmer. Feel free to season with the pan bay leaves, garlic or onion skins or even vegetable pieces. Spices also add a lot of flavor. Heat green lentils in a pan until boiling for 25 minutes, 35 minutes for blonde lenses and finally a quarter of an hour for coral lenses (Much more expressive!). Put the lid on to create steam, which is very useful for the kitchen, and to monitor the cooking of the lentils. Mix the ingredients with a spoon so that these legumes do not stick.

Butternut Soup – Image credit: shutterstock

For another version, reheat this butternut and coral lentil soup. Recipe here.

Lentils can be cooked in a pressure cooker

This is a good technique if you want to save time. In addition, you can prepare more complete dishes without having to constantly monitor the cooking. For example, you can heat green lentils pressure cooker for 15 minutes With Strasbourg sausages, not forgetting to add water once to their quantity. Add aromatics to your taste and let your concoction soak. Your kitchen should have a pleasant smell that drives away the appetite.

As regards blonde lenses, 20 minutes is enough improve them. Allow the ingredients to cool or enjoy hot with a good pan. In summer as in winter, they can satiate you!
For Coral lenseswe encourage you to do so cook them for no more than 5 minutes or they become softer. These dry ingredients are perfect with coconut milk, curry and diced carrots. Be generous with the lenses!

Green Lentils with Beetroot – Image credit: shutterstock

Thanks to the pressure cooker, prepare green lentils with beetroot, carrot and feta. Recipe here.

Cooking lentils in a pressure cooker

Again, if you don’t want to spend time in front of the stove, a pressure cooker can save you. do not forget leave the legumes in clear water before cooking them. Then soak 1.5 times the amount of water and choose the herbs according to your recipe, not forgetting the vegetables and/or meat according to your wishes. Add a pinch of salt to the plate only once. Let it simmer and wait for a sizzle.

– 15 minutes in a casserole dish green lentils

– 20 minutes blonde lenses

– only 5 minutes coral lenseswith thinner skin.

Casserole is faster and therefore more energy efficient. You also retain all the vitamins (especially vitamin C!) and minerals from the food.

Lentil sausages – image credit: shutterstock.

Classic sausages-lentils that we cook in a pressure cooker! Recipe here.

Pan fried lentils

How to prepare lenses in a thousand and one ways? Here’s the news. You can bake them in a pot of water and stop cooking the lentils pan generously a drop of olive oil. They have a slightly smokier flavor and you can add heavy cream or coconut milk to keep the recipe going.

Tuna lenses – image credit: shutterstock.

Dare lentils with tuna and avocado, another appetizing pre-release! Recipe here.

Try steaming the lentils

A steamer can be the perfect solution for this type of cooking as it is very simple and better for your health. Pour much wateradd the legumes directly to the bowl and let heat for 1 hour. Keep an eye on it during this time as the water may very well evaporate.

Option a steam cooking is interesting because it is much healthier and it retains all the nutrients, especially vitamins. This way of cooking lentils is good for your diet and you will find the natural flavor of lentils even if it takes longer to cook. Choose your recipe and get started! How about some soup?

Green Lentil Salad – Image credit: shutterstock.

Stock up on freshness with green lentil salad! Recipe here.

Seasonings for lentils

There’s no better seasoning to make lentils tastier, but how do you do it? These dry foods are quite bland in nature, but they need to be turned into meat. The largest community of vegetarians is in India. They are big consumers of these fondant seeds and do not save spices : turmeric, coriander, pepper or cilantro are big favorites in their kitchen. They highlight them dried vegetables especially dahlis which is a famous dish in their culture.

French gastronomy likes to add some cloves with lenses combine with different ingredients. You can also soak bay leaves. In salads, we aim for a vinaigrette, lemon juice mixed with olive oil or a spoonful of hazelnut oil to sublimate legumes and combine sweet foods such as pomegranate seeds. We also like to highlight lenses with uhomemade tomato saucen, which you only add at the end of cooking. Blend lentils to make a good soup.

It is better to add salt only when tasting. There is also no need to put vegetable or chicken broth, too salty. This can affect the quality of green, blonde or coral lenses. You have enough to offer several versions of lentil dishes, it’s time to cook!

Lentil based dish – image credit: shutterstock.

Take the opportunity to discover coral lentil soup with lemon. Recipe here.

Your lentils are cooked

How do you know if your lentils are cooked? To be sure cooking legumes, check their texture. Indeed, these legumes soften and can be crushed with a spoon until they melt on the palate. Don’t be afraid to taste regularly a spoonful of lentils if they’re still burning, you’ll know in real time if they’re ready. If they are overcooked, don’t panic! You can make them into porridge or soup.

In short, there are different ways of taking care of cooking legumes and sublimating them in different versions of recipes. Bring a pot or pan! To go further, there is also lentil paste where you can fill up on protein. Pasta version, green version, blonde version, coral versionThere really is something for everyone! Now that you know how to stew them, you have no excuse to boil lentils and bring a new dish to your table!

An idea for an original and healthy dish based on lentils – image credit: healthy bowl of lentil salad / Shutterstock

For a light craving, try the lentil salad with lemon, a tantalizing version. Recipe here.

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