Don’t make these mistakes if you want to eat a delicious vegetable soup

Silvia Santucci

Silvia Santucci

It’s not winter without making a good vegetable soup. We love them because they are easy to make and economical. However, in order to make your vegetable soups delicious, you need to know some tips and mistakes to avoid. Shall we show you?

Vegetable soup is not simply vegetables cooked in water or stock and then mixed with cream. By following our few golden rules, you will make really tasty vegetable soups. Soup, velouté, soup, what’s the difference?

Secret #1: Flavors

Always fry diced vegetables in olive oil or other fat. It gives soups more flavor. It is ideal to put at least two vegetables in addition to the onion, which is an aromatic garnish. You can also brown a real aromatic garnish consisting of onions, carrots, celery and bouquet garni. If you can balance the flavors of 2 vegetables, it’s good. For example, add a stronger vegetable if you want to make zucchini, carrot or sweet potato velouté. Leeks or celery root compensate well for these very mild vegetables. Just as celery is a counterbalance to chestnuts in chestnut velour. Try it with butternut squash and leek soup.

Secret #2: Liquid

A common mistake is to add too much liquid after the vegetables have browned. So that the soup is not…

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