Cyril Lignac shares his delicious winter vegetable soup recipe

How to make winter vegetable soup 2021? Renowned chef Cyril Lignac publishes his soup recipe tips to improve it.

We use everything in vegetable soup winter vegetables: leek, Jerusalem artichoke, potato. Chef Lignac gives his technique, but he recommends using whatever vegetables you want. A good soup always starts with onion and garlic clove. Caramelize them in Semi-salted butter. According to Cyril Lignac, this is the basis for making a delicious soup. If you want to add some meat, you can add bacon bits to the onion and garlic to start giving that broth flavor.

Then you have to fry in this mixture vegetables are cut into small cubes : two carrots, 1/2 chopped leek, a piece of celery, three Charlotte potatoes, five pieces of earthen pear.

After add water to the preparation. You can also add vegetable broth. Then you have to let cook slowly. It is possible to add spices: whether you make a traditional vegetable soup or add cumin, turmeric, five spices.

When vegetables are boiled in water, just mix it all up to get soup. You can add to make velouté sour cream. Cyril Lignac offers to serve soup to the gourmet side with croutons, grated cheese and crispy bacon.

Do you have any questions about Cyril Lignac? Idea for a recipe? React in the comments of this article, the chef will answer you in his column every morning at 8:55.

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