Coral lentils: how to cook them perfectly in dhal, salads, soups, croquettes… and even porridge!

In dahl, soup or salad, the beautiful orange-pink seeds of coral lentils enliven our dishes. This legume also ticks the right boxes when it comes to health. We don’t hesitate to cook it to replace pasta and rice!

Contains plenty of vegetable proteins, fiber, minerals… lwith coral lens is also a great slimming food that gives very fast feeling of satiety. Because its list of features is quite long, is believed to be consumed throughout the year. And that’s a good thing, there are many ways to house coral lenses.

How to make coral lens?

Coral lenses are actually red lenses from which the membrane has been removed! This also makes them more fragile than other types of legumes. They are prepared in a pan and we always start cooking them in cold water, right after giving them a quick rinse. It is necessary to read 3 parts water to 1 part lentils. Then you need to follow the cooking time indicated on the package and don’t be afraid to shorten it by one minute to cook it crispy. Usually, after boiling, we count 10 minutes of boiling by reducing the water and heat and with a lid. Add salt at the end of cooking. Indeed, cooking lentils in salted water temper them.

How do you know when coral lentils are cooked?

Coral lentils cook very quickly. because they no longer have a protective membrane. This is why they have a reputation for turning to mush very quickly. Depending on the dishes being prepared, the cooking time does not have the same importance. If you are looking for melting textureyou can cook them longer until they explode. Because stronger texture, Reduce the cooking time of your coral lentils compared to the time indicated on the package. So they look great in your salads.

Why should you rinse red lentils?

Coral lenses, like green lenses, do not no need to soak before cooking like other legumes. In contrast you must pass them under clean water before cooking them. This helps them get rid of indigestible substances that can cause stomach pain. But rest assured, coral lens is the most easily digested in the large family of legumes. An advantage it shares with green lentils, which also has fewer carbohydrates that cause gas and other discomforts

How are coral lentils eaten?

Depending on the cooking time, you will get crunchy or melting lentils. These two options do not spoil the taste, but correspond to different dishes. Melting coral lenses used to make creamy dahl to which coconut milk is added. Widely used in Turkish cuisine, lentils are also used to make soups flavored with cumin and coriander for an oriental twist. Very popular in the vegan kitchen, they can be used in a vegan lasagna as in this recipe where they are mixed with tomato sauce.

In crunchy versions, lentils are found in salads like tabbouleh to garnish Buddha bowls. You can also make delicious falafel-type lentil dumplings! Finally, as suggestedcombine legumes with grains, you can make porridge with coral lentils by boiling them with oatmeal. To do this, follow the steps this recipe was suggested by Vivien Paille!


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